Answering Services: A Promising Perspective for Small Businesses

In the modern era of offices, the issue of calls reception has become a real art. Company heads train their secretaries and receptionists, teach them how to sound polite and develop guidelines for them to talk to clients. Which is understandable, as every client is extremely valuable in the world of tough business competition. However, more recent advances in the sphere of telecommunication suggest that spending a lot of time and money to train a lot of people is irrational, while the business call center service can be used instead.

Indeed, business phone answering service has a number of advantages, which are obvious to everyone. For those who know that there is no second chance to make the first impression, a virtual office is not an option but a necessity. Anyone who calls a company with this service gets convinced that the professionalism and level of care about clients is very high in the organization. Therefore, even a person who is not a client will consider dealing with a business company, in case it has a professional call answering service.

Moreover, the advantage of a professional business phone answering service is that it treats every client with equal attention and friendly attitude. This means that every customer calling an office with a regular request can get maximum attention and feel that his or her problem is important for the company. Nowadays, when human relationships are all automated, hearing a warm voice of a live operator who is ready to help is a thing that can make your company unique.


Find a Great Outsourcing Company and Watch Your Small Business Grow!

It has really become really challenging (more than ever) to survive in today’s business environment. If you own a small business, it is really unlikely that you will have all the necessary skills suitable for building your company, dominate your market place and grow your business effectively. Utilizing the help of an outsourcing firm is one of the ways for organizations to effectively manage uncertainty and also ground their business in whatever environment they find themselves.

Are you wondering what outsourcing is all? It is simply the strategic use of outside resources in order to perform business functions that are traditionally managed by in-house employees. By using an outsource company, you will reduce costs and also gain efficiencies by simply leveraging the technology, talent and professionalism of the third party vendor.

Common business functions that are usually outsourced are:

• Billing/Accounting
• Order fulfillment
• Customer relationship management
• Information technology (IT)
• Human resources/ benefits /payroll
• Advertising/marketing
• Web design, development, maintenance
• Business development/ sales

So, why bother hiring an outsourcing company? Marketing outsourcing companies are known to call upon small, mid-sized or large companies with rather limited marketing resources or no marketing resources at all. The people that an average outsourcing company comes across are people that are marketing directors and chief executive officers (CEOs), whom are considered to be naturally smart individuals. But if you are thinking, “why on earth should I care about outsourcing my marketing when I already have a marketing department?” Well, the truth is you have every right to maintain a marketing department, but let’s be a wee bit honest do you want to? Would it save you money?


7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs Improvement Ideas

The largest room in the entire world is the room for improvement!

Few months ago that I started consulting with entrepreneurs and chief executives of companies here in Nigeria, I have come to discover that companies that achieve its mission statement very fast are companies that have little bias for improvement ideas and that is why I am writing you this letter. You will agree with me that the largest room in the world is the room for improvement! Basically I have listed below 7 good reasons why GOOD COMPANIES BECOME GREAT. Why? because these companies constantly seek improvement ideas for their business thereby boosting company’s overall strategy and bottomline.

The truth is that one single idea can make your company go from good to great and make it remain on top for the rest of its existence. You see, Bill gates became the richest man in the world with ideas and application of practical ideas to computing. Sergey Brin and larry page became millionaires with a tweak of little creativity. Friends, a single idea from us could mean millions of dollars for your company. In as much as we don’t promote get rich quick ideas, we give practical business improvement ideas that make companies stay out of murky waters of competitions ravaging the world market place today. Companies which makes headway all around the world are companies that celebrate the power of ideas. It may be your turn too to celebrate your next company’s anniversary with millions of dollars $$$ as bottomline. So here are the seven reasons why you and your team should seek improvement ideas. (more…)